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Intro Video

Watch this 2-minute screencast video for a quick overview of how works.

Finding people to follow is committed to providing a harrassment-free environment for the community. We don't have options like a directory or a general search tool, which could be used by ill-intentioned trolls to send @-replies. But there are a lot of ways to find people to follow.

The Difference Between and Twitter

Though is often compared to Twitter, it is actually a blog-hosting platform with a social media-style timeline where bloggers can follow each other and engage in conversations. If you are more familiar with Twitter, this article will help you know what to expect.

What You Can Do With a Microblog

A survey of 12 different ways that people are using as a showcase for photos or artwork, a social media home base, a podcasting tool, a daily log, or just for general blogging. makes it easy to get started publishing about whatever you're passionate about.

You're Not Limited to 280 Characters

Don’t let the name fool you. While is focused on short posts because we think it encourages people to write more often, you can just as easily publish long-form essays or posts with multiple paragraphs. The title of your post will appear as a link in the timeline.

Customizing your default templates

Community member Miraz Jordan (@miraz) created a site with tutorials for making changes to your hosted microblog, with easy and advanced tips covering adding custom colors, title, footers and more.

For more tips, see this blog post by Alan Jacobs (@ayjay): Hidden Features of

How Much Does Cost?

The business of is blog hosting. The timeline is a network of bloggers, hosted on or elsewhere. We don't have advertising, our timeline is strictly chronological with no intermediation via algorithm, we don't sell our community members' information, and we work hard at guarding our community from harassment and continually improving the platform.

We want to be the fastest, easiest way to start a blog at a very reasonable price. It's $5/month for the basic account. If your blog is hosted elsewhere, you can register for an account and participate in the community at no charge.

There is also Premium ($10/month), which includes features such as podcast hosting, and for Teams ($20/month), which includes all the premium features for an unlimited number of users. See all the features of each tier on our pricing page.

A Welcome Gift For You

Stickers Email your shipping address to community manager Jean MacDonald, and she'll send you a sticker, our thanks to you for checking out our blog hosting platform and our community of bloggers.